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By using the bio-degradable Kaloxi® cleaning compound unnecessary openings of plate heat exchangers can be avoided, saving you time and money.

Cleansing of heat exchangers:

  1. Remove water from the system to allow adding of the Kaloxi® cleaning fluid. The most typical mixing proportion is 10%. Increase the proportion if the system is extremely dirty or the impurities unusually difficult.
  2. Connect the circulation pump to the inlet and outlet of one side of the heat exchangers.
  3. Check that the pump is directing the flow in the opposite direction of the normal system circulation.
  4. Fill the pump with the right amount of Kaloxi®.
  5. Start the pump and let it work for 3-5 hours.
  6. Drain the cleansed part of heat exchanger.
  7. Flush the cleansed parts including the pump itself with water.
  8. Refill the heat exchanger and ventilate. The exchanger is ready for use.

Complete systems can be cleansed in similar fashion. To evaluate the effect of the cleansing, you can -for example- run the heat exchanger before cleansing and record the outlet temperature on the warm side (primary side). After cleansing of the cold side (secondary side); check the temperature again with the same mass flows and inlet temperatures as before cleansing.

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