Heat Exchangers - problems and solutions


The heat exchanger is simply a device in which heat from a hot fluid is transferred to a colder one. The most commonly encountered heat exchangers are:

  • Plate type
  • Shell and Tube type
  • Extended Surface of Finned type

Typical problems and solution

In a heat exchanger the fluid flows are separated by a thin metallic wall. The wall surface area in contact with the fluid streams is referred to the exchanger heat transfer area. If sediments are allowed to accumulate on the heat transfer area the water streams are insulated against each other and the heat transferring effect is reduced.

Kaloxi removes this sedimentation and thereby restores efficiency and cuts costs. There are several cleansing alternatives for cooling and heating systems:

  1. Cleaning the primary circuit.
  2. Cleaning the secondary circuit.
  3. Cleaning both circuits including the heat exchanger.
  4. Cleaning the heat exchanger only. With a circulation pump you simply circulate Kaloxi through the heat exchanger.

Until recently the cleaning of industrial equipment - including heat exchangers - entailed great expense. The machinery had to be dismantled and cleaned manually, or sometimes even replaced. By using Kaloxi maintenance costs can be reduced drastically. Typical industrial installations which can benefit from Kaloxi are:

District HeatersWater HeatersHeat Batteries
Cooling BatteriesBoilersCondensers
Heat ExchangersExtrudersProcessors

Kaloxi can be used on practically anything that employs water as cooling or heating media.

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