Kaloxi is a cleaning compound especially developed to dissolve and remove the internal deposition of scale forming salts in water supplied systems. Kaloxi is caustic, with a pH-value of 1,5 and it consists of:

Phosphorous acid, citric acid, inhibitor

These acids are bio-degradable and non-toxic. Most soft drinks contain both citric and phosphoric acids. The inhibitor makes our product unique. It works as a buffer and protects all the sensitive components you find in heat exchangers and in complete heating or cooling systems.

Water quality and its consequences

The water used as a heat conductor in central heaters is often furnished by a local water board, i.e. surface water from a nearby reservoir. Places without waterworks usually have wells and in cooling systems water towers are commonly used. However, regardless of source, no water is a hundred percent clean; even drinking water contains pollutants such as iron, copper, calcium, sodium, potassium, and bacteria. This causes lime, magnetite, rust and bacteria precipitation to accumulate and form an insulating layer inside cooling or heating systems. This layer obstructs water flow and reduces heat transfer.

Cleansing of Heating and Cooling Systems
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